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Gone are the days when you can expect an SEO company to quickly jump your website to the top of the ranking without any kind of repercussions, today the road to long-term success includes a holistic and comprehensive approach it means having a professional-looking website it was professionally optimised internally, it means a website that offers a memorable online experience for your customers, it means becoming a trusted authority by continually producing the kind of content that your customers and prospects will actually want to read, content that is engaging interesting and helpful, it means continuing promoting this fresh content through social media amplification, display ad campaigns, opt-in email, press releases and influencer outreach, it means continually tracking and improving your results through analytics and conversion rate optimisation efforts.

The best way, in general, to attract customers and visitors is through great content. Again, we’re not having it super in-depth but that’s sharing blog posts, sharing videos, sharing all those little pieces of content that show your unique philosophy, that show your value and get people interested in what you have to say. Show off that you’re a smarty-pants that you know what you’re talking about basically.

SEO helps clients to build a stronger web presence and allows potential visitors to more easily find their websites and services on the web. Through following web presence best practices and providing high-quality, well-structured and organised content, it aims to improve page rankings, so when potential customers search for certain keywords and phrases in a search engine, the website appears early in search results. Achieving this goal requires ongoing monitoring, analysis and optimisation activities and doing many separate, but related activities and updates.

According to SEO recommendations, it is important to focus on building great content and make the website visible to relevant customers. The main goal of SEO should be to optimize the website for humans and not for search engines. Their latest algorithm update called ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ focuses on penalising those who want to focus on getting high rankings without creating quality content to their visitors.

Mohammad Rahighi

Mohammad Rahighi

Designer and Project Manager who loves crafting big ideas and is passionate about designing meaningful experiences that can influence positive change and help make the world a better place.

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