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If you have a crowdfunding campaign ready to go, the next step is getting the word out. But with thousands of campaigns vying for attention, it’s not as easy as it might seem. Even with a brilliant idea, standing out requires strategic marketing.

Why Market a Crowdfunding Campaign?

While crowdfunding platforms host numerous campaigns, simply being on the site isn’t enough to attract backers. In today’s competitive landscape, even groundbreaking ideas need effective marketing plans to gain traction.

Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy

Among various marketing strategies, email marketing stands out. Email marketing is 34% more effective than other outreach forms for crowdfunding campaigns. It’s not just about raising brand awareness; it’s about quickly gaining momentum and attracting backers.

Early success is crucial. Campaigns that raise 30-50% of their goal in the first 48 hours tend to raise 47% more on platforms like Indiegogo. Therefore, pre-launch efforts should focus on creating a strong launch day impact.

Why Email Marketing?

Email is a direct, personal way to reach your audience. People engage with emails longer than social media posts, allowing you to detail your idea and its benefits. However, building a quality email list is fundamental.

Building Your Email List

  1. Start with Your Inner Circle: Email close contacts, including family and friends. Send personalized messages with clear calls to action (CTAs) directing them to your campaign page.
  2. Expand to Broader Networks: Reach out to co-workers, business associates, and peripheral contacts, like alumni networks.
  3. Leverage Events and Social Media: Attend or host events to gather contacts. Create CTAs on social media to encourage sign-ups for your email list.

Crafting Effective Emails

Before diving into content, focus on compelling subject lines. A good subject line is direct, personal, and urgent. For example:

  • Effective: “Bright Bark: Smart Nutrition for Your Pup, Over 60% Off For a Limited Time”
  • Less Effective: “WENDY’S WONDER ONESIES: LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN” (Too generic and overused)

Email Campaign Timeline

  1. One Week Before Launch: Send a reminder about the upcoming campaign and a teaser about exclusive deals.
  2. Three Days Before Launch: Share specifics of the deals and the exact launch time.
  3. Launch Day: Announce the launch with a strong CTA and high-quality images to generate excitement.

Pre-launch emails help gauge interest and refine your offer, ensuring a stronger market fit.

Using Email Platforms

For larger lists, use platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact to manage and analyze your emails, increasing open rates and engagement.

Maintaining Momentum Post-Launch

  • Second Week: Email non-contributors with a final deal. Encourage sharing even if they can’t contribute.
  • Throughout Campaign: Use flash sales, boost social media efforts, and create “last chance” offers.

Post-Campaign Engagement

After the campaign, increase product prices to reward backers with a special deal feeling. Always send a thank-you email, as these backers are your future customers.

Example Email Subject Line

Product: Vohu Studio
Perk: Free web presence consultation
Offer Duration: 48 hours

Sample Subject Line: “Vohu Studio: Get Your Free Web Presence Consultation in the Next 48 Hours”

By following these techniques and trends, you can create an effective email marketing plan for your crowdfunding campaign, attracting and retaining backers and beyond.