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Mohammad Rahighi sea diving
Mohammad Rahighi Sky stars
Mohammad Rahighi doha qatar art museum

My Photographs

Travel the world through the eyes of a photographer

A photo can reveal more about a person than you might have thought. Just like looking in the eyes, photography can reveal your soul. What’s more, a picture can bear different meanings.

Photography is more than just a moment captured by a camera. This is a special form of art with its own history and philosophy. I am happy to share my vision with the world through creative photographs.

Mohammad Rahighi winter photo gallery
Mohammad Rahighi autumn photo gallery
Mohammad Rahighi jungle photo gallery
Mohammad Rahighi summer photo gallery
Iran sky above cloud
Mohammad Rahighi daily photo gallery

Catch Life Moments

Life is an adventure, capture every second.

Have you ever thought about who is the photographer? Maybe, an artist. Instead of an easel – a tripod. Instead of brushes – a camera that transmits feelings and emotions in one shot. And one day opening the album, reviewing pictures in the minds memories begin to emerge, the same emotions that had been on the day of the shooting. We often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the help of camera shots, we can literally freeze the moment in our hands.

By means of photography, we can recollect our past and connect it with the present. Enjoy the emotions transmitted through every shot.